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Why Mobile Marketing is Necessary for Local and Small Businesses? – SEO Rank My Business

First, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is very important that your website is built to attract online visitors “website traffic” and your website is capable to convert traffic into sales conversions. It is equally important that each page of your website is optimized with quality keywords, titles and descriptions for search engine traffic to find your website and the site pages of interest.

SEO Optimizing for Mobile

Smartphones makes local SEO more significant than ever, let’s call it Smartphone marketing. Here are some dos and don’ts and best practices for local SEO to guide your online business and online branding in your local search engines such as local directories, Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more.

Local SEO page ranking and positioning factors:-

Here are some of the major factors for Local SEO:

  • Place page factors (blogs, reviews, social media, etc)
  • On-page factors (keywords, meta tags, descriptions, titles, optimization)
  • Off-page factors (e-zine articles, link building, affiliate marketing, social media, etc.)
  • NAP listings and citations – Link signals
  • Reviews (More reviews help you in improving the rank, and get higher click through from local search results.)

Local SEO Do’s:

There are so many Local SEO Do’s to help you rank successfully, It is an excellent idea to hire a professional SEO company such as SEO Rank My Business!

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  • Website pages should be optimized to target local keywords to attract more local online website traffic and visitors.

Title Tags: Must include the location, meta tags and description, brand name, and keywords being targeted by website traffic. This will help with page optimization for both search engines and online user traffic.

NAP listings: Citations & on-page address references should be consistent throughout. A good place to start with NAP citations is the key third-party websites, such as Yelp. These websites seen as trusted review sites by Google. Google may review and look at the reviews on these pages and include them within Google places pages.

Google My Business/Google MAPS: NAP (name, address, phone number) citations are a primary ranking factor in Google and local SEO. It is very important you show the correct contact information and a commercial address. If you only work online, try to acquire a private commercial box and use as your address. This will help improve your local rankings. Remember, Google references your phone number or business name + address.

  • Have Google Place or Google+ Local pages for every local business location. This will help your business create a free Google listing that appears next to search results related to your business products and or services being offered on your website. Results are typically placed by Google in good ranking positions on both mobile devices and desktop search results.

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